Foil Boarding... Taking the first steps.

Updated: Jul 9

With so many choices and this foil thing rapidly evolving all of the time brain farts are a regular occurrence these days!

Seeing through the mist.

Get out there and 'HAVE A GO'! By far the best thing you can do to navigate the choppy waters is try every foil you can get your hands on. Go full foil pilot if you have to!

Is foiling difficult? It certainly looks challenging and yes in many ways it is. The best comparison I can come up with is Marti in Back to the Future. Rock'n'Roll, science, boarding, a journey and a pure joy to watch. Ok, ok we're getting nostalgic here. Simply it didn't take Martinezes long to master that hover board, he could already skateboard so bim bam boom, give it a go and he's got it.

Foiling is EASY, the hard part is deciding to have a go.

To be continued...


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